WordPress Lead Generator

Get better understanding of your website visitors
and turn them in to conversion!

WordPress Lead Generator gives you better understanding
what your website visitors are looking for

B2B Leads

Get info about companies visiting your website and get their contact details.

B2C Leads

B2C data gives you better understanding what users are searching for at your website.


You can easily track any events. Plugin generates automatically events data, or you can setup your own events.


Track your e-mail marketing, ad and other campaigns easily with custom campaign events.


See how your ads are performing with easy to use diagram data and create better ads.


WooCommerce feature helps you to track you clients and see how they act on your website.

Create mailing lists

Our B2B detector helps you to create a mailing list of those companies that are actually interested about your products.


Professional support is here to help you to get the best benefits of WordPress Lead Generator.

More features

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Feature Rich Admin Panel

Get easy to use data from your visitors, online store clients, B2B leads and ads.

WordPress Lead Generator uses self-explanatory diagrams to present the collected visitor data. This data helps you to improve your page content and layout to convert your visitors into leads.

Our B2B Leads feature shows you companies that visits your website, and also which events they have triggered and which pages they have visited. You can also easily search company info to get contact details and make direct contacts to visitors who are actually interested about your products.

Our scoring system gives points to the leads which are more important than the others. You can very easily to find those leads which actually matters and make direct contact to them.

You can also use B2B Leads data to create a mailing list for those companies, that actually are interested about your product!

Our plugin is also GDPR compliant. You can easily enable GDPR compatibility mode at the plugin settings, and you can also place a cookie notice to your website.