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Agile software development

In agile software development time is used effectively, focusing to produce quality code and to give the best value for the money.

Specialist goes through the software requirements together with the client, and gives then the estimate of the costs and a schedule. Fully functional demo version of the software is always represented first for the client, and after that the development process proceeds towards to the final product.

No previous experience working on software development projects?

No worries! Your project manager communicates with you with very easy and understandable way through the whole process – avoiding too much technical jargon.

Good communication is one of the key elements to produce a quality product. That’s why the communication with the client is made very easy. Customer’s wishes are always on very high priority and based on client’s own special requirements, the specialist finds the most suitable technical approach for the project.

Even if you don’t know all the details and requirements for the project just yet, it won’t be an issue, since we always produce a fully functional demo version first, so the client can test drive the product first and then think what functions the final product requires.

Extensive knowledge of WordPress development

To give the best possible customer experience to the client, is always a top priority!

WebData Oy has years of experience on WordPress development and designing, and company has been involved in number of different types of projects . The goal is to produce a software that is super easy to use, yet to have all the required functions to make the software advanced enough.

You can hire a developer or designer for a single project, big or small, or you can outsource your company’s whole development work to WebData Oy.

Various different coding techniques are widely used, such as PHP, Vanilla Javascript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Linux + VPS, HTML, SCSS and many others..

Starting a start up business?

The right partners are extremely important for any business. You can outsource some or all of the software development for WebData Oy.

Front-end development; VanillaJS, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, SCSS, HTML
Back-end development; PHP, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, VPS, Linux
UI / UX Designs
WordPress plugins and themes

Web Design
Software Development
API Implementations
Data Analysis
Professional Support Service

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