To get updates to your plugins always requires a valid license key. You will receive your license key on email after the purchase of pro version of a plugin. If you have any questions related to your license, please contact us at: license [a]

After the purchase, you need to activate the pro version of the plugin and enter your license key to the plugin settings. After you have activated the pro version of the plugin, a new sub-page called “License” will appear under the main plugin menu. Enter your license code there.

After registering the license key, you are able to receive updates and to contact our premium support. Updates are done via Plugins page at WordPress. WordPress will always inform you if there is a new update available. You can also manually check if there are updates available, by clicking the “Check updates” link.

WordPress noticing about a new update.

Updating issues

If you are getting any issues when updating your plugins, make first sure to clean any WordPress cache, and also browser cache. More info here.

After cleaning the cache, click once “Check for updates” link to clear any updates cache.

If you are still unable to update your plugin after these steps, please send us a support request at the “Support” sub-page. More info here.