On your WordPress dashboard, choose Plugins – Add new.

Search for “WebData Social Network Chat” and click “Install now” and after that “Activate”.


Choose “Social Network Chat” on your WordPress Dashboard to open the plugin settings page.

On the main settings page, you can adjust the size of the contact buttons. You can also choose, if you like to use “Chat button”. This feature enables the chat button, and contact buttons will be visible when chat button is hovered. If you want to have contact buttons visible continuously, choose here “False”.

Advanced settings

Enable Google Analytics support – If enabled, every time when user has clicked one of the contact buttons, the plugin will launch a Google Analytics event. Events can be seen on Google Analytics dashboard under Reports – Behaviour – Events. More info:

Enable WooCommerce button – If enabled, a chat button will be visible on products single page.

WooCommerce button text – Enter the text for the WooCommerce contact button

Shortcode button text – Use shortcode to place your contact button to any page or post.

Show contact buttons only on following pages – Contact buttons will be available on selected pages. Leave empty if you want to show contact buttons on every page and post.

PopUp pulse – Will add pulse effect to Chat button.

PopUp notice – Will add notice text above the contact and chat buttons.

PopUp box message – If PopUp notice is enabled, this message will be visible to the user.

Color options – Choose color for each channel button.

Chat Agents

Each of the channels can have 1 to 3 chat agents. If only one chat agent is enabled, user will be directed to the chosen chat application, once the user has clicked the chat app icon. If more than 1 chat agents are enabled, a chat box is shown for the user, where user needs to choose which chat agent the one wants to chat with.

With email and WhatsApp accounts you also can use a message box with the chatbox. All the other accounts can be used only with the chatbox.

When using WhatsApp or Email, you can also choose if you want to show a message box for the user. User message will be then sent to the WhatsApp chat application, when the user is directed to the app. You can also use WhatsApp with a single user agent and a message box. Chat box will be then present with the message box. Message box is only available when using WhatsApp or Email.

Contact buttons settings

All the contact buttons has similar settings. Enter your username to show the button, and then you can choose if you want to show the button only on desktop or mobile or on both devices. If you don’t want to show the button at all, just the username field blank.

Channel id:s

Each channel can be enabled by entering the user id / phone number. If you want to disable some channel, just remove the user id / phone number and channel button won’t appear anymore.


Get it here:
Find support here:

You need to use international format and you need to omit any zeroes, brackets or dashes when adding the phone number in international format. For exmaple, if your country code is +1 and your phone number is 5551234567, you need to use the following format: 15551234567. More info here:


Get it here:
Find support here:
LINE Official account:

You need to register LINE Official Account (Business account) in order to use LINE contact button. You can get LINE official account here:

After this you need to enable LINE ID from your device and turn on “Allow others to add me by ID” setting. Add this LINE ID then on plugin settings to enable LINE contact button. More info about LINE ID can be found here:


Get it here:
Find support here:

You need to enter your Skype name at the plugin settings. There are two types of Skype accounts. You can use Skype with a username, and in this case your Skype name is your user name. You can also use Skype with your Microsoft account. In this case your Skype name is your Microsoft LIVE ID, for example: abc_1234567.

More info:


Get it here:
Find support here:

You need to enter your username at the plugin settings. Find your username at the settings page on your app and click on your profile to edit it and set your username. Enter then this username on plugin settings.

More info:

Facebook Messenger

Get it here:
Find support here:

To user Messenger, you need to enter your username to the settings. You can find your username by opening the Messenger app, clicking on your profile picture and then locate “Username” section. Enter your username then to the plugin settings too (without the part).

More info:


Get it here:
Find support here:

To be able to use the VK chat button, you need to enter your username to the plugin settings. To find your username, open the mobile app, go to the settings (a cog in the upper right corner), choose Account – Short name. Enter your short name to the app settings and to the plugin settings too.

More info to find your username:


Get it here:
Find support here:

To use Viber you need to set the phone number associated with your account to the plugin settings. Use international phone format, for example if your country code is +1 and your phone number is 555123456, use format: +1555123456.


Just enter your phone number. Use any format you like.


Just enter your email address to the plugin settings and you are good to go.

Custom link

Use any link you like, use any icon you like and use any color you like.


Support is available here:


See Knowledge Base.


Following hooks can be used to change settings:

$success = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_thankyou’, $success);
$error = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_error’, $error);

$email = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_email’, $email);
$message = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_message’, $message);
$submit = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_submit’, $submit);

$email_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_email_header’, $email_header);

$contactText = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_contact_text’, $contactText);

$whatsapp_message = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_whatsapp_message’, $whatsapp_message);

$whatsapp_submit = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_whatsapp_submit’, $whatsapp_submit);

$whatsapp_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_whatsapp_header’, $whatsapp_header);

$line_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_line_header’, $line_header);

$skype_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_skype_header’, $skype_header);

$facebook_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_facebook_header’, $facebook_header);

$vkontakte_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_vkontakte_header’, $vkontakte_header);

$viber_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_viber_header’, $viber_header);

$telegram_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_telegram_header’, $telegram_header);

$phone_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_phone_header’, $phone_header);

$custom_header = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_input_custom_header’, $custom_header);

$message = apply_filters(‘wb_cta_popup_message’, $message);

Example of usage:

function wb_cta_input_submit_function($submit) {
    $submit = ‘Send me now’;

    return $submit;

add_filter(‘wb_cta_input_submit’, ‘wb_cta_input_submit_function’);

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